Saint Francis of Assisi

Novena in Honor of Saint Francis of Assisi

In this picture we see Francis as a wealthy young man, running after a beggar that he has just scorned and refused an alm. He gives a rich present to the man and vows after that never again to refuse anyone who asks him of something in God's name.

All of us are called to conversion. A turning away from the lesser things of this world to the greater blessings of Heaven. The more we meditate on how wonderful God is, how great the joys of heaven will be - the things of this world fade away and do not become so important to us. The more "God" becomes our "All" the less the world controls us.

During these nine days of walking with Saint Francis we are going to shift our attention from the "world" from "ourselves" and open our eyes and our hearts to the great wonders and blessings that God sets before us each day. Every moment of this day, is a gift to us. The clouds that float above our heads, the soft wind blowing upon our faces - all these, everything is God reaching out to us, blessing us and showing how much He loves us.

This first day is our "conversion day". Many times in our lives like Saint Francis pictured above - God has called us to do some kindness for someone we would rather just forget. Doesn't have to be a big thing, maybe just a smile for someone we often frown at. Maybe just a word of encouragement for someone we unwittingly find ourselves putting down. All of us have someone in our life that God sets before us as an opportunity to give to His least ones. When we do that, when we rise above our natural feelings and extend a small kindness, we are the ones who find the blessing! We experience conversion.

Let us look about today, for that conversion opportunity!

Novena Prayer - Day One
Saint Francis,
friend of the lowly and poor
open my eyes to see God
in all my brothers and sisters.
Pray for me, Saint Francis,
that I too,
might experience a conversion
this day and in the days to come.

Please join us tomorrow for the second day of the Novena to Saint Francis.

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