Saint Francis of Assisi

Novena in Honor of Saint Francis of Assisi

Today, Saint Francis is one of the most popular saints. But he wasn't so popular during his life time. At least when he first started out! He was thought a fool of the worst kind! He had everything going for him and he threw it all away to wear ragged clothes, eat food that was thrown to the dogs, and sleep in a ruined church that didn't even have a proper roof to keep out the rain.

In many ways we too must live a "fool's" life if we want to be true followers of Christ. We may not live as radical as Saint Francis did but each day we are called to make choices that will determine who we are following. The clothes we wear, the food we eat, where we work, the people we associate with ... all these are silence witnesses of just how committed we are to living the Christian life.

Novena Prayer - Day Seven

Saint Francis,
help to become
more committed to living
my life totally as a
follower of Jesus Christ.
Give me the courage and boldness
to live totally for God each day.
Make known to me any changes
I need to do to make this possible.

Please join us tomorrow for the eighth day of the Novena to Saint Francis.

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