Katrina Tekakwitha - First Native American Blessed in the Catholic Church-
    Kateri Tekawitha    
Gah-deh-lee   Deh-gah-quee-tah

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Lord God,
you called the virgin,
blessed Kateri Tekakwitha,
to shine among 
the Indian people
as an example of 
innocence of life.
Through her intercession,
may all people 
of every tribe,
tongue, and nation,
having been gathered 
into your Church,
proclaim your greatness
in one song of praise.

We ask this through 
our Lord Jesus Christ,
your Son, 
who lives and reigns
with you and the Holy Spirit,
one God, for ever and ever.

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Day 1: Prayer - Union with God

"The Prayer" was the Native name for religion; "praying one" the name for a Christian. In the village everything was done openly and before all - when the priests would come they would pray in the small chapel but it would be open so that all could see.

Kateri was twelve years old when the first priests came to her village - she would see the missionaries at prayer in her uncle's cabin and was drawn to listen. She asked many questions which they quietly answered for her and gradually her heart became convinced that she wanted to become a follower of Jesus.


Blessed Kateri
as you were drawn to God
by the prayers of the black robes
who came to your village, now help us
to draw close to God through prayer as well.

You filled your day with prayer
admidst many trials -
help us also to see that prayer
is our refuge for every
difficulty that we face.

Prayer filled you with joy and peace
help us that we may find this same joy
this same peace in our prayers as well.


Day 2: Silence - Listening for God's voice

When Kateri first heard the Christian message her heart was touched by the Spirit. Yet the Spirit of God is gentle and moves quietly like a whispered breath of wind - so although Kateri was moved by the message of the priests she knew it was not time for her to become a baptized christian. For eight years she waited - the seed of faith that was planted in her heart steadily grew and matured.

When she was eighteen years old - she stepped forward and was baptized. This was not a decision made lightly for as a christian the persecution from her own people would be constant. But because her faith had been allowed to grow silently and the roots of God's message given time to dig deep into the soil of her heart - she had the conviction to remain steadfast.


Blessed Kateri
your heart was opened
to God's message,
your spirit was receptive
to God's voice,
help us now to find this quiet
space in our paths,
for listening . . .
to wait for direction
in patience
and to follow through
with courage and firmness
when the time is right.



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