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Catholic-Cards are just like the postcards you send in the mail. They are just on your computer instead of in your mailbox. Your friends can enjoy them anytime they get on-line and know you were thinking of them.
Sending a Catholic-Card

 I cannot view Flash or Java Cards

1. You may be trying to view a "flash" or "java" card that your computer is not supporting.
For Flash cards you will need a free flash player - Click to download

For Java Cards - you will need to have your computer set to view java...

JavaScript You must use a browser that supports JavaScript and have JavaScript enabled.

Enable JavaScript for Netscape

1. From the browser's menu bar, select Edit.
2. Click Preferences.
3. Click Advanced.
4. Click the Enable JavaScript box to select JavaScript.
Note: If the box has a checkmark, JavaScript is already enabled. Complete step 5 to exit.
5. Click OK.

Enable JavaScript for Microsoft Internet Explorer

1. From the browser's menu bar, select Tools.
2. Click Internet Options.
3. Click the Security tab.
4. Click Custom and then click Settings.
5. Scroll down to Active Scripting.
6. Click Enable to select it.
Note: If the radio button is already selected, JavaScript is enabled. Complete the remaining steps to exit.
7. Click OK.
8. Click Yes.
9. Click OK.

Enable JavaScript for Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0

1. From the browser's menu bar, select View.
2. Click Internet Options.
3. Click the Security tab.
4. Click Custom and then click Settings.
5. Scroll down to Active Scripting.
6. Click Enable to select it.
Note: If the radio button is already selected, JavaScript is enabled. Complete the remaining steps to exit.
7. Click OK.
8. Click Apply.
9. Click OK.

For more help: If you are using Explorer Click Here for troubleshooting answers from Microsoft

If you are using Explorer 5.5 Click Here for troubleshooting answers from Microsoft

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 I am having general trouble with the cards

One suggestion might be is that you need to clear your temporary files. If this is not done regularly - your computer will go slower and slower and have all sorts of problems.

1. If you are using Internet Explorer - go to the top menu and select Tools.

2. Select Internet Options

3. Go to Temporary Intenet Files and select settings.

4. Select View Files

5. How many do you have? I had 39,000 + files befor I figured this out! Select all and delete!

6. Now your computer will have enough memory to store the information for you to fill out the card!

* I found out that with my computer just clicking on the "delete files" under settings did absolutely nothing. You have to manually go in there, select all and delete them.

You also may need to run Diskclean on your computer - should be done weekly depending on how much you use your computer.

1. Go to Explore

2. highlght C:\

3. right click properties


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Are they really free?
Yes, Catholic-Cards are completely free - no strings attached. You can send as many as you like as often as you want. The more you send, the happier we are!Back to Top

How long does it take to deliver a Catholic Card?
Catholic Cards are delivered immediately. They are sent off our server, so there is not a notice in your own outgoing email that it was sent. The pick up notice will be waiting for your friend when they get on their computer. Back to Top

Can I preview a Catholic-Card before I send it?
Yes. After selecting your Catholic Card and filling in the delivery information, you have two choices. You can preview the completed card or simply send it without a preview. Just pick the option you want to use. Back to Top

Can I send a Catholic-Card to more than one person?
Yes. You can send a card to one person or up to 25 people at a time. Just click in the box that asks you if you want to send to many recipients. After you preview your card, you will go to a page where you can enter all of the name and addresses." Back to Top

Can I postdate a Catholic-Card?
Yes. You can send a card up to 30 days in advance. This makes it easy to set up your birthday cards for the whole month and be sure they'll be delivered. Back to Top

How do I know my Catholic-Card was received?
You will receive a notification when your card is actually viewed. This notice does not come when the card is delivered - only when your friend opens the card. This could be several days later if they don't get on their computer every day. Back to Top

How can I see the Catholic-Cards I've sent?
If you ask for an archive copy, you will have a copy of your card to see on your own computer. When you get the notice your card was viewed, you will also be able to see the card again as a reminder of what you sent. Back to Top

Why didn't my friend get my Catholic-Card?
Your card can not be delivered if you make a typo in the address. This is the most common error. It also can't be delivered to a full mailbox. On occasion, problems with different mail programs out on the net will prevent a card from being received. The best way to ensure delivery is to check the address. But remember this... Mail servers that only use text, such as Erols, Juno, Airmail, and Dataflow, can't view cards on-line. Also, many private-institution email accounts, like those at businesses and colleges use blocks to prevent delivery from unknown addresses. Back to Top

Can I cancel the delivery of a Catholic-Card?
No, your card goes out immediately with the message you entered. There is no way to call back a delivery notice to your friend once it leaves the system. Nothing can be changed after you hit the "send" button.Back to Top

Do I have to use all of the options?
No. The name and address of both the sender and the receiver are required to deliver a card. All of the other features are optional. You don't even have to write a message. Just pick a card, fill out the address information and send it out.
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I want to save a card sent to me. How?
If you want to save the card that had been sent to you - choose menu item File (top left corner of your browser), then Save As and save this file to your hard drive, naming it as mycard.html or something alike. You'll be able to view this card always when you are connected to the Net - images and music file will be loaded automatically.
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Why does it says my e-mail is invalid? I know this e-mail works!
Most probably you made a typo and did not notice it. Correct e-mail syntax looks like: name@mailhost.dom No spaces, no commas. Multiple e-mails are not allowed.

Do not try to paste email addresses from Outlook or Messenger's contact lists! This won't work: name@mailhost.dom (My Friend) and name@mailhost.dom

For AOL users: remember that e-mail addresses outside AOL look like and not just yourname25.

If your email address has a dot before the @ sign (like in - put slash before that dot (like in your\ and you will send your card ok.
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I have sent a postcard without errors, but my recipient never got it. Why?
Reasons could be numerous, but most common ones so far are:

1. Recipient's mail server could be down. It happens with all from time to time.

2. Recipient uses e-mail account with storage limit and at the time you've sent a had mailbox full. It happens often on AOL, WebTV network as well as various free mail services.

3. You had mistyped address. You had typed something that looked to you (and our system) as valid address, but it wasn't. You may have misspelt his username or domain name. We see hundreds of bounced mails to,,,, and @msn.vom.

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 I do not hear any music!
If you are unable to hear sound/music on the site.
First, please check your individual computer controls.
Has someone turned the volume down?
Did your speakers get unplugged?
Are all your connections securely plugged in?
Remember that not all the greetings have sound.

Do You Have the Right Plug-In?
If you are using Microsoft Explorer:
Click Here

If you are using Netscape:
Click Here

Check your Security settings.
In Explorer click on TOOLS
Scroll down to Run Active X controls & Plug-ins.
Make sure this is enabled. If marked disabled you will not get any music.

Check your Multimedia settings.
Click the START button in the lower left corner of your screen.
Select SETTINGS from the menu; then select CONTROL PANEL.
Choose Multimedia.
Choose the MIDI tab.
Make sure that under single instrument that you have a device selected that ends in "synth".
Click Apply.

If you are using a MAC,
Check to be sure that sound is enabled on your computer.
On the Edit menu, choose Options,
and then click the Web Content tab.
Make sure that the Play Sounds check box is selected.
Check to make sure that your computer's volume is turned up.
Check to make sure that you have the Quicktime Musical Instruments extension installed on your computer. It should be in the Extensions folder in your System folder. If you do not have this extension installed, Click Here for more information and to download a copy. If you are still unable to hear the sound that accompanies our greetings, you will want to download the appropriate plug-in. Find your browser below to locate information about the plug-in needed for your system.

I am not getting my daily Peace Card!
Peace Cards are sent out six days a week - on Sundays only for special occaisons.

Your cards are being filtered out by your mail provider.
More and more mail providers are installing spam controls on their mail programs. Some of these programs think the Peace Cards are spam.
Your cards are being filtered out by your own mail program
Many times people have discovered that filters on their own mail program are deleting the Peace Card and they are going to the stuffed Trash bin along with other spam and unwanted emails. Check your trash bin - do you see any Peace Cards there?

You have been deleted from the list because your mail box was full and the cards bounced back to the list - which said, "Oh, nobody lives there anymore I will just delete you!" If this happened - go here and sign in again Sign Up for Peace Cards

* Special thanks to Connie at   Hi-Cards for assistance with this On-line Help page.

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