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Apr 22 2009

Saints and more Saints

Check our what we have done to our Saints pages.  They are now under the letter of there first name.  They also have pictures that are linked to the cards.  Trying to make it as easy as we can.  Also, all our Mothers Day Cards are up and ready for you to send to Mom so they get there on time.  Just put the date that you want it sent on the card at the bottom of the form and it will be sent to her on that date.

Apr 17 2009

Divine Mercy Sunday

Have added some cards for Divine Mercy Sunday.  

Hope you are enjoying the additions we are making…we would like to hear your comments!


Apr 09 2009

RCIA Cards

Just added the RCIA cards–so if you want to congratulate friends who have entered the church or if you want to thank your sponsor if you are a lucky one and entered the church these are for you.

Have a blessed Holy Week


Mar 23 2009

Barb Ries will be doing a lot of updating on this site for the next few months. In the last week she has put up the Easter cards, St. Patrick Cards and St. Joseph cards.

Let’s hear it for friends!

Sr. Patricia

Jan 19 2009

A few changes

Changed the four card selections at top of the home page. Guess its about time we moved from Christmas, huh?

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