Dec 21 2008

New Christmas cards

Only four days till Christmas! Sort of late for me to be adding new Christmas cards.. but that is the way it is. I started by trying to add the Christmas music. Woe upon woe. I cannot find the page to edit… this new language the card site is written in very difficult for me to find anything. Yesterday I spent at least an hour just looking for the page to edit. Today I finally sent a message to Luke and Chris (designer and programmer) to help me out. When all else fails.. ask….

In the meantime as I wait for the response I have been adding a few new cards. Some animated ones! A lovely little lamb with the baby Jesus from the Catholic Tradition site… Just love it.. and then one that I had done several years ago on the old site.  Animated Christmas Cards

Dec 10 2008

Updates December 10

Barb and I worked on the site this morning and made some great changes on the card template. We moved the image of the card from the middle of the page - to the top. This way you can see right away if this is the card you want to go with rather than scrolling…scrolling….scrolling…

We changed the “Post this Card” to “Send this Card”  ….. just an American thing. Luke our wonderful designer is English.. and there are just a few of these teensy details… that don’t seem to “click” as well for us.

We deleted everything from the “Preview” page except for the image and envelope. The other stuff like send this card, print this card, etc… just seemed to be stuff you don’t really need on a preview page.

Oh! And of course - we just added this blog so that we can let you know (if you possibly are interested) just what we have been doing.

You are also welcome to leave comments, suggestions… complaints, whatever. I have made the comments so that you have to register though… because otherwise it will be spam city.

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