May 17 2009

I Am Glad

wild sunflowers against a blue sky

wild sunflowers against a blue sky

I am glad that God is in charge of the world. That its not up to me to fix all the broken pieces, to bind all the broken wounds, to lift up all the troubled souls.

What is up to me is to give all to God and be quick to obey in whatever He asks - in this way - perhaps in some small way I can be his smile, his hand, his aid.

But its not up to me to carry the weight of the world. I can be sad for every broken heart and wounded spirit. I can ache for every troubled soul and every lonely child - but only God can reach down and save his precious world.

So - its only up to me - to love the moment that is before me. To accept the beauty of this moment - in whatever wrapping it comes… sometimes tears and sometimes laughter.

I don’t have to appear to be bigger than I am - holier or humbler than I am or anything but who I am - as I am - at this moment.

I can be as holy as I want - and not care if I get labeled as conservative or overly pious or sickening sweet. I can pray when I want or not - and be content that God is content with me.

I do not have to wriggle myself into some saintly  image that someone else has made for me and squirm because it does not fit nor do I have to deny my faith, my devotion my Catholicism because it makes someone else uncomfortable, or angry or annoyed.

I can be me - wholly Catholic - wholly a sinner - and wholly forgiven.

Yep, just me.

Thank you God - for letting me be who I am today. Who I will be tomorrow is yet to be explored.

That’s my thought for the day.

Blessings of Peace and All Good,
Sister Patricia

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