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May 20 2009

New Cards

Check out our latest Thank You and Get Well cards.

May 19 2009

Catholic Toast and the bottom of the deep blue Sea

We had our third Toastmaster meeting this evening … and they just keep being more and more fun. I told a joke for my contribution and did two table talks.. normally wouldn’t do two you know.. but the topics were just made for me.. and no one else was raising their hand…

We had 12 people show up and at this point have about 18 highly interested. We need 20 official members to be a certified group but I don’t think that will take very long. Its sort of scary but fun and even after 3 meetings I feel more confident. Mostly I feel excited because it teaches you how to structure a talk. .and that is so what I need.

We are very Catholic in our talks.. the speeches don’t have to be faith based - but most of us are going that way. Its a great way to learn how to share your faith and build up speaker confidence at the same time.

Well.. its time to be moving on.. because that is what the time is doing.

The bottom of the Deep, Blue, Sea

The bottom of the Deep, Blue, Sea

My brother Peter got home safe and tired yesterday from his time at sea. I asked him if it was a good trip and he said it was okay… but all there was to see .. was sea, sea, sea and every day was exactly the same. The one sailboat they saw was about the only ship they saw the whole time.. one other vessel I guess. . but mostly sea, sea, sea. He did say the bottom of the sea was a whole different thing though. that was full of mountains, craters, valleys, etc.. as an oceanographer I guess they had the equipment on board to see the bottom stuff.

Blessings of Peace and All Good,
Sister Patricia

P.S. Shelley says thank you for all the compliments. She is ready to sign up for future shows.

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