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May 18 2009

Just Not Quite Yet . . .

Do you ever get those moments where you just seem to be positively jealous or envious of everything in sight and everyone you come in contact with? It’s like, “Oh my…. they are doing that better then me, and how do they get stuff done so well, and why can’t I seem to move on anything?”

I expect it has its source in a number of things.
1. being tired
2. a disconnect day where whatever you do - it seems like you should be doing ten other things at the same time
3. a devil attack (he does get about you know)
4. just one of those days!

And maybe its just Spring…. where the weather is changing - the ground is preparing to burst with new growth—but it is only— just—beginning to happen.

Life is all set to BURST open with new leaves, flowers and greens of every color but not quite yet. So everything is like.. almost… but not quite.

I just went and took an early evening walk with Shelley around the garden - and after a lap or two praying my rosary I thought.. hmmmm… I should take a little movie of what it looks like. So I did.

Now you can see what I mean. It’s that almost but not quite stage. Just like where I seem to be.

One new change I have been thinking about - and that is where I am going to post my postings. I have been putting them on the Seattle PI as a reader blogger - but it just doesn’t seem like such a good fit to me anymore. For one thing I don’t like the ads… and it just seems like God is pointing me into a new direction for a blogging home. So… for the present I will post mostly on my blog here at the card site with Barb and see which direction the Spirit moves from there.

Yesterday I didn’t have the comments fixed so that was a bit of a snag - but its fixed now.

So now I am going to send this on its merry way and go finish my walk before its a moonlit walk!

Blessings of Peace and All Good,
Sister Patricia

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